The day after Germany 7 Brazil 1

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Howdy folks and welcome!

Well what’s been happening since the last post at The MellorMedia Blog?

It’s been quite some time since the last post in May, some of you may even of thought we’d packed our bags and departed for pastures new, tempting but not that viable at the moment.

With the daily chores of running the house, helping the kids with their homework, dealing with the untimely departure of the family cat and then the World Cup coming around once more, development has been minimal in the R&D realms.

Who would ever of thought that Germany would thump Brazil for 7 in their own back yard? German efficiency Mein Herr!!

Back in the realms of iClonia we have managed to start on the ‘Demon Slayer’ project.

Journeying through the dimensions of the seen and unseen, we follow our hero and saviour of the universe as He fights the battles for the lost, freeing their souls from bondage and bringing order to the chaos that once ruled their minds and hearts.

Copy of 2

Video previews of the project in development will feature at Stay tuned and get saved, call Him 46626835.

Utilising the iClone / Unity pipeline, the project will hopefully be a multi medium production with video and game play versions for mobile, tab and TV.

Well back to it for now, until next time, stay safe.



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