iClone and Indigo renders part 2

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello again cyber travellers and welcome.

In this post at The Mellormedia Blog we shall be continuing to explore the Indigo Plugin feature that comes with Reallusion’s iClone 6.

In the last post we featured the first rendered output from the software, so continuing the theme here comes the second one below.

For this scene we utilised the ‘Tribesman’ and ‘Beast’ characters that are from the iClone 5 3D Xchange resource pack, setting them in a ‘Scorching Desert’ scene which is obtained from the World Wilderness 3D scene templates.

For comparision we have rendered 3 images, 1 straight out of iClone, the 2nd via Indigo with iClone lighting and the 3rd via Indigo with Indigo lighting.

Image 1 – iClone output – rendered in a matter of seconds:

Copy of Indian_iClone_render

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 2 – Indigo render with iClone lighting: Left this rendering for about a day… but I think it’s the best of the 3.

Copy of INDIAN_indigo_iClight

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 3 – Indigo render with Indigo lighting, rendered for about an hour. I feel I need to understand the lighting better as I just couldn’t get the balance right between foreground and background lighting. This maybe due to the size of the 3d scene and/or the settings of the Indigo lighting. We will persevere.

Copy of indian_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

Well, that’s about it for now, hope you’ve enjoyed your read. In the next post we will be looking at the differences in render3. For this scene I’ll downsize a bit and possibly provide a short video to go with it too, until then, signing off, see ya!!!




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