Indigo via iClone render test 3

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello once more and welcome to the Mellormedia blog.

Continuing our iClone 6 and Indigo render tests with a smaller project and less assets.

For this scene we have utilised the iClone default characters Mason & Heidi plus  props from a default iClone 3 project.

Feel like we’ve had a bit of success with render times and final output with this one.

Image1: iClone output [took a few seconds]

Copy of cars_iClone_render

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 2: Indigo render with iClone lighting. [Left this one rendering for a day. lots of ‘white spots’ on mason’s clothing to sort]. I do like the look and feel of this image but the render time is just not a viable option to create a sequence with.

Copy of car_iCllight_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

Image 3: Indigo render with Indigo lighting. [Rendered for just under an hour due to taking break for lunch]

Copy of cars_indigo

[click to enlarge in new window]

As mentioned in the previous post, a test Indigo video render has been created from this scene. We chose 250 spp [samples per pixel] as our ‘sweet spot’ at 1080×720 size with 623 separate images to render. After a week of rendering and a little time slicing the audio to fit it in sync [even with both image sequence and audio exported from iClone at 25 fps there was syncing problem] the finished render is below. Hope you enjoy the little skit.

Well that’s this batch of testing over. We’ll think of another project to put iClone 6 to the test and report back soon. Until then, bye for now, DT



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