Old Content Making New Renders Via iClone 6 & Indigo

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello Cyber travellers and welcome to The Mellormedia Blog.

With half term been and gone I’ve managed to get some time to hide in ‘the cave’ and play with iClone 6 once more.

The latest batch of tests have focused on bringing some of my old content into iClone 6 and rendering via the Indigo renderer.

As some of the content wouldn’t load directly into iClone 6, I’ve had to see if it would load up into iClone 5 and save the content there and then try loading the newly saved content into iClone 6. This seemed to work. 3DXchange could also be used to update the older content but that notion came to me as an afterthought, ha ha.

The first content batch I had a test with was some old but familiar characters which first made an appearance in iClone 1. It had since been update in iClone 2 and 3 but I was unable to load it directly into iClone 6 so had to save in iClone 5 first.

Do you remember Ray, Yan and Ned Dwarf Warriors from the ‘Fellowship Of The Ding’ projects. Well here they are below, rendered in Indigo with iClone lighting:

Copy of Ding_Dwarfs_iclone Light [click to enlarge in new window]

There will be more ‘Fellowship project’ renders in the coming posts once the content is iClone 6 friendly.

A second batch of old content has also found it’s way into iClone 6 – The Jelly Bellies characters. Originally an iClone 4 project, these characters transferred into iClone 6 with little to no problems at all.

Copy of TOONS1 [click to enlarge in new window]

I think a new Jelly Bellies video rendered in Indigo may be on the cards in the not so distant future.

Well it’s been fun sharing the latest updates from the realms of the Mellormedia R&D lab …. that’s lab not lav.

Until next time, bye for now, DT




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