Pixie Chics And Horses

2010: Month 03, week2 post @ Mellor TV

Hello and welcome to the latest post at The Mellormedia Blog.

Quick reminder to self: wedding anniversary at the weekend, don’t forget this year.

Back to it.

Continuing with the current theme of utilising the Indigo plugin for rendering out iClone output, we have been importing old content from previous versions of iClone and giving them new life in iClone 6.

This post features content that was first seen way back in iClone 2, from The Fellowship Of The Ding project.

The 3 characters in question are collectively know as the Pixie Chics, originally modelled from photos of 3 ladies I used to call work colleagues. ‘Unflattering’ may have been one comment that was mentioned by the my former colleagues but hey, what did they expect from a fantasy project  based on dwarfs, goblins, pixies and the like.

Here are the comparison output pictures for your viewing.

Picture 1 it straight out of iClone:

Copy of PixieChic_iCLonee_render

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

Picture 2 is an Indigo render using iClone lighting:

Copy of PixieChic_iNDigo_iCLight

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

And picture 3 is an Indigo render with Indigo lighting:

Copy of PixieChic_iNDigo

[click on picture to expand in new window.]

I don’t think they’re that unflattering, you should see them without their makeup.

Well dinner is in the oven and another video render is close to completion which means I’ll be doing some editing and post work for the rest of the week.  I’ll hopefully feature the video in the next post.

I hope you’ve enjoy this and the previous posts featuring comparison image output from iClone 6 and Indigo. Although it can be time consuming at times I feel the end output is worth it.

Until next time, tat ta for now, DT




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