Mellormedia Productions, situated in Guisborough, Cleveland, England, is a small business offering digital media services, product creation and multimedia promotional digital medium .
2d / 3d animation works, poster works, short films and content creation plus other digital media / desktop publishing services & production.
Using media as a medium to engage.
MellorMedia Productions, creating for and with Reallusion products since 2004:
Reallusion Certified Content Developer Reallusion Certified 2D & 3D Animator
Competition Winner 2008 – Reallusion ‘Widget Sticker’ competition
Prize Winner 2009 – Pinhead Golden Globe ‘Where In The World’ competition
Prize Winner 2009 – Reallusion ‘ Inspiring & Ingenious User Case’ event
Prize Winner 2011 – Reallusion ‘Animated Salad’ competition
Prize Winner 2012 -Reallusion ‘Dance With The Avatars’ competition
Based in Guisborough, Redcar & Cleveland, UK, offering digital media services and 2d/3d animated film production, from web based ads to home cinema entertainment.
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